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In the heart of Rome

Coliseum and Roma Forum

1,7 km from Hotel White

coloseo roma


The Colosseum was started in 72 A.D. by Emperor Vespasiano and was completed 8 years later by his successor Tito.

This massive construction was meant for public shows, animal fights, gladiator combats, sea battles by filling the arena with water and could hold over 55.000enthusiast spectators.

The entire complex of the Imperial Forum starting in 54 BC was completed in about 150 years.
This complex construction is really unique for its vastity and urbanistic articulation. Originally built for ideological reasons, closely connected to the Roman Empire's birth, Julius Caesar ordered the construction of the first forum, that developed itself on a large venue next to the temple of the Venus Mother, the protecting goddess from which the Emperor's family is said to descend. In 113 AD the Forums were five and reached great dimensions, covering over 90000 square mt.

Distance from the hotel approximately 12 minutes walk.