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In the heart of Rome


800 metres from Hotel White



Considered one of the masterpieces of Roman architecture, this famous and great monument was built by Marcus Vespasian Agrippa in 27 BC in honour of all the Roman gods, then the Pantheon was transformed by Dominitian and by Adrian in 130AD.

This temple, admired by all and in all epochs, astonishes everyone for its 43,40 mt high dome that is open in the middle and its severe elegance. Inside the circular-shaped interior is decorated with colourful marbles and other Roman architectural elements. Originally some elements and columns were covered with bronze layers but these were removed by Pope Urban VIII to build the altar in Saint Peter. Inside, one can find as well several tombs of some of the former Kings of Italy.
The facade includes 16 monolithic pink marble columns, among the highest of Rome, while the columns in the inside's seven chapels are made in a rare kind of yellow marble.

Distance from the hotel approximately 5 minutes walk.