Trevi Fountain in Rome, 5 minutes from hotel
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In the heart of Rome

Hotel near Trevi Fountain

200 metres from White hotel



This magnificent fountain was conceived by Nicola Salvi in 1762, inspired by victory arches and Roman mythology, in pure baroque style, with a Neptune riding dolphins with sea creatures and cascading waters.

Its source is a 1st century BC spring called Acqua Vergine, in honour of a virgin that lead a bunch of thirsty soldiers to the water, the legend says that afterwards, having become faithful, they came back with their families to live in the Eternal City.

Although the most famous and promising tradition of this Fountain is the one related to coins: if one throws a coin over his left shoulder, he will return to Rome quite soon, while if three coins are tossed, that is a promise of love and marriage with an Italian.

Black and white movie lovers will for sure remember this fountain for a glamorous Anita Ekberg's bathing into the fountain in Fellini's La Dolce Vita with a wide-eyed Marcello Mastroianni while admiring the scene.

Distance from the hotel approximately 2 minutes walk.